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DPS Legal Counsel advises entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized business owners, trademark and other intellectual property holders, and parties to the franchising relationship.


Entrepreneurs and Small Business

Each business organization is unique, with no two alike. It should come as no surprise, then, that DPS Legal Counsel views a cookie-cutter approach to the legal representation of a business organization as in direct opposition to DPS Legal Counsel’s goal to provide personalized and exceptional service to each of its clients.

Just as no two businesses are alike, DPS Legal Counsel also knows that no day in the life of a business is precisely like any other day. Each day that a business operates brings its own special challenges. Often, those challenges come fast and hard, and for small and medium business enterprises without an in-house legal counsel or law department, the legal challenges can seem overwhelming. Sometimes, on the other hand, a business owner or business manager may not fully appreciate that a legal problem is even lurking in the shadows, perhaps in a seemingly innocuous provision in a contract, perhaps in an unforeseen tax issue in a proposed transaction. DPS Legal Counsel is available to serve businesses in the role of outside general legal counsel, assisting them in meeting the daily challenges that they face.

Trademarks and Other Intellectual Property

One of a business’s most valuable assets is its intellectual property. If you have a trademark or several trademarks that you want to make sure are protected, then you should make sure that you have made proper application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office to have your trademarks federally registered. Only then can you rest easy that your trademarks are protected from loss or infringement.

Franchising and Licensing

Daniel P. Smith of DPS Legal Counsel has represented franchisors with respect to both their domestic and international franchise offerings and operations. He has prepared franchise offering documents and registered franchise offerings in most registration states, and prepared franchise agreements, software licensing agreements, non-competition agreements, and guaranty agreements for use throughout the United States and in approximately 50 foreign countries.

DPS Legal Counsel can assist you or your business with respect to franchising and trademark licensing.

Whether you are interested in purchasing a franchise or you are a company interested in franchising your business format in order to expand the distribution of your goods or services, DPS Legal Counsel is available to advise and counsel you.

If you believe your company may be at the point that you would like to consider establishing a domestic or international franchise network, give DPS Legal Counsel a call.

DPS Legal Counsel can work with new or established franchisors with respect to the preparation of franchise and ancillary agreements and franchise disclosure documents. If your plans include the sale of franchises in states that require registration, DPS Legal Counsel can help you comply with the various state registration requirements so that you can make offers of your franchises in those states.

Entering into a franchise relationship is a big step, and franchise agreements and disclosure documents can be confusing. Before you sign an agreement with a franchisor, consider giving DPS Legal Counsel a call to assist you with a review of the various franchise documents presented to you by the franchisor.


Adverse Governmental Actions 

The number of federal, state and local governmental agencies that oversee or can interact with your business is mind-boggling–the IRS, the FTC, the FCC, the Tennessee Department of Revenue, the Tennessee Department of Insurance, and on and on and on.

If you have received a notice from a governmental agency that is adverse to your business, you should act promptly to address the situation. A business lawyer with a broad exposure to regulatory matters can assist you in dealing with your problem before it becomes a bigger problem.


Business and Contract Disputes

Unfortunately, not all business arrangements go well. At some point, many entrepreneurs and small or medium-sized business owners find themselves embroiled in a business or contract dispute with a customer, vendor, competitor, or co-owner.

When you find yourself in a contract or business dispute, it is important to seek immediate advice and counsel of a business attorney who can provide you with a thorough and independent review of your situation and options, and possibly to represent you in business or contract litigation with the other party to the dispute.

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